The Cupule Wedding Venue

Banquet Decoration

When you choose The Cupule, you get an Exclusive top end venue, with the most exclusive and unique décor. If minimalism, is your style, or modern, or chic? Classic or rustic elegance? Where ever your heart is set or even if you are still not sure, together we will figure out what your exact wedding style, actually is and based on your desired theme we will create your unique and personalized table centers pieces that will flip heads over and amaze your guests. Philisa and her team of experts are simply the perfectionists, you can trust to lift the banquet decoration to the perfection, you desire.

The Prestige Gold

450 Euro + VAT

White silk flower arrangements, with touches of blush and greenery, perched high above the table on long Gold Vases are stately center pieces for your Wedding day guest tables. They are surrounded with candles, nicely arranged in Gold and crystal mirrored jewelry boxes.

The Prestige Crystal

490 Euro + VAT

White silk flower arrangements, with lots of greenery, perched high above the table on elegant Crystal Vases and are surrounded with Crystal candlesticks with floating candles. All Plates have name tag corsages of flowers or greenery. Touches of Silver/Gold or Mirror Table Numbers photo frames are chosen based on your preference.


933 Euro + VAT

Fresh flower center piece arrangements, add an extra element to guest banquet tables. The scent of Fresh English roses, paired with the majesty of O’ Hara roses and Lysianthus are the favorites for our dream brides. These amazing decoration center pieces are something your guests will be amazed with and remember for a long time.


1,225 Euro + VAT

Tall central Crystal Cylinders filled with floating pearls and topped with opulent fresh flower arrangements are the dramatic center, encircled by 5 smaller arrangements of fresh flowers, beads and candles, make this by far,the most amazing banquet Fresh flower display, any bride could dream of.


600 Euro + VAT

Ideal for the ‘s’ Table or long banquet tables, make a dreamy effect with lots of real candles in Crystal Cylinders and lace tablecloths or really make your event sparkle by having all the candles placed on Mirrored ‘S’ Tables.

Rustic Elegance

540 Euro + VAT

For lovers of natures finest products, these center pieces combine Fresh forest greenery with a Roses and wild forest flowers. Gold geometric stands with suspended lanterns, strewn with strings of pearls and butterfly clips, enhance the details.

Head Tables

330 Euro + VAT

The traditional head table was for the closet of family and friends, At The Cupule we design this key table around your needs, as we know, this seating arrangement has evolved, to suit modern dynamics. We offer The Stately long banquet tables, The open ‘U’ table and the Greek ‘P’ Table amongst a few of our most popular.

Sweetheart Tables

330 Euro + VAT

Romantic lovers really love head tables that are just for them. Make a head statement with these unique options and stand out as the new Mr & Mrs.


450 Euro + VAT

We love to decorate to suit each couples unique style and Theme. Rustic wood trunk slices, Golden Sunflowers or Glorious Peonies flowers send your ideas and we will create a unique package for you.

Engraving Memories….

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