The Cupule Wedding Venue

Beach Ceremony Decoration

At The Cupule by the sea we have the true love and passion it takes to enhance the idyllic natural beauty of the island’s best beach and set the scene for the most magical of weddings. Our team of experts always bring to life your dream beach wedding, just the way you dreamt it.

Simply Class

1,250 Euro

Ideal for Couples that want to get married at the Beach and their main theme is the natural beauty of the sea. A discrete package which is ideal for smaller wedding nuptials.

Great for Beach Proposals offering your surprise an extra flare!

Lovers Class

1,800 Euros

Decorative and Romantic. Exchange your vows under this decadent backdrop. Guest seating & mini reception for up to 50 People.

Complete Class

3,950 Euros

Grand and Complete, a totally stylish event for up to 70 people, which offers Sparkling wine, waiter service, Photography and Saxophonist for ceremony entertainment.

Engraving Memories….

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